why is it that sometimes..

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@laiza14 (593)
May 6, 2007 11:48pm CST
even though you stayed long for one another, you stayed together for 2 years or even 13 years, and then you will both finally realize that you weren't meant for each other.. it sucks..
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@iszo07 (473)
• Malaysia
7 May 07
I don't really believe that any couples are not meant for each other. I know, when couple split, they usually used this as an excuse or something like "we have nothing in common" etc. If you are talking about woman/man relationship, of course, WE will not going to have a lot of in common. Women and men were created with different personalities. We will never be the same. As for me, in relationship, the most important is to adjust your need and to be reasonable. Women usually are very fussy. Men just need to get on with it. Vice versa. Men are usually less sensitive. They are just very straight forward so women also have to accept this.