Which is the Best Movie Steven Spielberg has ever made?

@mymoney (106)
May 7, 2007 12:44am CST
Since the early 1970's Steven Spielberg has been changing the face of cinema with his unique sense of storytelling. From his earliest success with the 1971television film "Duel" to the blockbuster success of "jaws", "Close encounters of the Third kind", "Indiana Jones series", "Jurassic park series", to his conscientious, historical dramas such as "Schindler's List", "Amistad","Saving Private Ryan" and "Munich", Steven Spielberg continues to amaze, enlighten and inspire audiences with his cinematic visions. Below are some of the films I think are his Best. Choose one of them which you think can be counted as his best ever and give your reasons.. 1. Jaws 2. Extra Terrestrial 3. Indiana Jones and the last crusade 4. Jurrasic park 5. Schindler's List 6. Saving Private Ryan 7. Catch me If you can 8. Artificial Intelligence 9. Raiders of the last arc 10. Close encounters of the third kind I think his movie Schindler's List is the best pick among all his best movis. This movie which is based on a True story Won many awards and has been claimed by some as the best Hollywood movie ever made.
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• India
7 May 07
Hmmm.... Schindler's list is really a Wonderful movie.... But I would also like to add Extraterrestrial and Saving Private Ryan as his best ever........
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@sajuman (1854)
• India
26 Aug 07
I like stieven spielberg..I like his filoms like jurassic park,saving private ryan,ET...Among from this films listed here i think that Jurassic park is the best...It strike both boxoffice and also got several academic awards..It is a perfect movie..I have no idea that how much time i saw that film.. Thanks for the discussion...
• India
9 Jul 07
I think Jaws is the best.its direction has been fantastic.yup its amazing
@sis_syuku (165)
• Indonesia
8 May 07
Definitely Jurassic Park. I really like the movie, and it was never boring to watch it again, and again. As an entertainment movies, it definitely one of the best. But I haven't watch all movies that you mentioned above.
• United States
7 May 07
In my opinion, Shindler's List was his best movie. It was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. I think the fact that he is so passionate about the subject came through on the screen.