hold on.. or .. move on?

May 7, 2007 1:01am CST
I think I've been in love with this person for quite some time and I feel like he doesn't even seem to care about it. He seems interested one time but turns really cold the next. Ok, so here's the story... We met during my minor internship (30-day internship) I was a student and he was already a pharmacist at the hospital. We went to the same University but didn't get the chance to meet while still in college. At first, I thought of him being somewhat gay or something because he acts so gentle(mahinhin at malamya) and a little bit attention grabber because on the first day of my internship, while the orientation was goin on, he kept on passing in between the interns and makes sure he was smiling at anyone who looked at him, though he never really smile at anypne in particular. I even remember asking her co-worker if he is gay, but they said no. He was simply like that. over the days I've realized he wasn't really grabbing attention but trying to make us (interns) feel at ease so we could work with them harmoniously. He's also an introvert, somewhat autistic-like, snobbish(suplado), intelligent, nerdy computer geek, gadget-lover,walks-like-a-baby kind of guy. We became pretty close, we talked much, laughed alot. But when people started teasing us whenwe are together, he became conscious and began avoiding me subtly. I finished my internship without telling him I already like him, his friends say he likes another girl, so i hid my feelings. A year after, I began my major internship this time, at the same hospital, with the same people, including him. (We rarely see each other the whole year, we never had any other contact)I thought the feeling already faded but when I saw him and worked with him again it flowed again. This time, he was more relaxed. And people told me he wasn't courting "the girl" anymore. Whenever we got teased, this time he just smiles and looked at me. When he caught me off-guard that I liked him (through the name of my cellphone's bluetooth) he just can't stop smiling. I hid at the stock room because I was really embarassed, and my friends told me he was looking for me so he can give me, personally, my cellphone. From then on, until now he kind of texts me, when he has load, with jokes and sweet stuffs. When he doesn't text for quite a long time, I'll just be surprised of a thoughtful quote out of the blue. But once, I asked my friend (whom he also knew) if he texts her with the same kind of messages and she said yes. she also said sometimes they also chat about anything. I feel like he doesn't really care about me but when I need something he said I can always ask for his help. Now I'm quite confused, what do I do?? help.. anyway you can also tell me your story maybe i can help.. thanks
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• United States
7 May 07
I've kinda been in a relationship like this. I have to tell you to move on. Sticking around is only going to cause more hurtful feelings for you. If you decided to be friends, know that it's going to be the impossible! There's someone special just for you. If you let him go and he come back, make sure he's really there for you. Best wishes.
• Philippines
7 May 07
like the song 'heaven knows' goes "my friends keep telling me that if you really love him you gotta let him go, if he returns in time i'll know he's mine" ? can i say, i've tried forgetting him and moving on but everytime i get a hold of myself again, he just appears and got me falling and crashing down again.. whats the best way to move on anyway.. by the way thanks for the advice..