did u like to share ur secreat with ur friend's

top secret - secreat of my life!!!!
@nitindx (283)
May 7, 2007 2:14am CST
did u like to share ur secreat's of ur life with ur friend hmm?
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@Trambak (161)
• India
7 May 07
Not all secrets are to be shared with everyone.In case of secrets,a secret remains a secret as long as it is with you.
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• India
7 May 07
well its partly true.sometimes when we cant bear it anymore its beter to share a secret with you closest and trustworthy pal and be lighter after that. you can always share your secrets with your life partner as that brings about mutual trust and understanding. else secrets hve a bad way of coming up in the open when you least expect it to .
• United States
7 May 07
Sometimes I do. I think it's a nice bonding experience between friends when you can sit down, chat and talk about your secrets and not be judged by them. It really takes a lot for me to tell my secrets to people though. My partner had to wait for years before they fully heard a lot of what my life was like. I don't trust easily, so when I finally do, you'll have a lot to learn about me. Some people though, are just so much easier to trust than others.