Are you host of any blog or website? If yes which site?

May 7, 2007 2:54am CST
Hi friend, Are you host of any blog or website? If yes which site?
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• India
8 May 07
yes buddy, long list of blogs have one of them
@imsilver (1668)
• Canada
7 May 07
I'm a webmistress w/ my own domain but I don't actually HOST the site on my own computer. I've got a great friend with a huge server who hosts it for me and the domain is thru My domain is It's a site constantly in progress. I have such fun designing and redesigning it on a regular basis. In the last couple of months, I've also started a money related blogsite at as a sort of sister site to the making money section of my site. And of course, I've got more than a few personal blog sites at all sorts of online sites around the net to keep in touch with different circles of people. I'm so easy to find online.. simply search Silver Sity or imsilver - it's the nick I use for almost all of my sites.
@mfluderx (40)
• United States
7 May 07
I have a blog, a website, and a forum Blog website: I will get it it's own domain name when I make enough money off of it to afford it. Right now with no job or money, I can't. Forum: can be found on website. Not doing to well I need people.
@lauczi (964)
• Poland
7 May 07
website - it is baner of my website
im acctualy webmaster of 2 websites. one is humoristic i mean school humor is there and i get some money from it too. it goes like this: and the other one is like my dairy, i could have blog instead but there im not able to full customize the way my site looks like, so i prefer to have websites rather than blogs. it is in polish (im Pole) but i cant give u link too: im interested in graphic so it is important for me to create myself the whole structure of site.
• India
7 May 07
oh, i have many blogs and website but these are some of the best:
7 May 07 I'm a newbie to all this so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.