Flip a coin to make a decision?

@iszo07 (473)
May 7, 2007 3:14am CST
have you ever made a decision in your life just by flipping the coin? Would you do such thing :)
4 responses
@vjr_1979 (133)
• Romania
7 May 07
No, I prefer not to try my luck when it comes to important decisions. I can't say I would do it, maybe just for fun; shall I go today to work or not? (just kidding). :)
@iszo07 (473)
• Malaysia
8 May 07
Nice one :) we should flip a coin to decide whether we should go to work or not :)
@howhigh (758)
• Canada
7 May 07
I think i have. And i have definitely put less thought into decisions.. so maybe a coin flip is a step up in some respects
@zahoor007 (273)
• India
7 May 07
no never will never prefer to do it, in my life, in order to take decisions in your life you must serious enough and must not depend on tossing of a coin, in which probability of coming head or tail is 50 50 , so i think a persons who is serious about his life will never decide on the basis of tossing a coin.
• Philippines
7 May 07
I don't do that..I usually weigh things and seek for my friends' and/or family's advice.