Is it slim woman is very important for a man?

May 7, 2007 3:49am CST
This time slim woman means beauty and lot of guys like aslim woman, because they see a slim woman will show a real beauty but in this case is it true? i think alot of guys always see from outside of girl but in this case is it all of guys like aslim woman ?
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@Ashgun (472)
7 May 07
Allow me to say that is some way; i agree with you and also disagree! My husband always tell me that he perfers me slim and i was always angry at him when he was telling me this! i always felt that he loves me only from the outside! And one day we had a discussion about that... and i realised that he was telling me this for my own good; i love to wear tight jeans and if i put on weight i will not be able to wear the jeans and also when i took some 3kg after wedding; he wished i do some exercise so that i can lose those xtra kilos and also to feel fit! now i know that my husband likes me to be slim for my own good and maybe for him as well!!! So since i started exercising, i feel better and i am able to wear tight jeans...