Which is your favourite color or the color that suits you the most?

May 7, 2007 4:05am CST
Blue is my favourite color and i feel its a cool color....Blue can go with anythg and on anyone...i think it suits everyone...It suits everyone i think....I also love black....Black is hot!!!Which is your fav?
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@MGjhaud (20861)
• Philippines
7 May 07
my favorite color is light blue and most of my things in my room is having that color. my lamp shade, my powder, my purse, my bed cover, my pillow cover, my hangers. =) its almost all in light blue but when it comes to clothing i have less. cause i see it doesnt fit or look good on me cause im a bit morena. so i need darker color to contrast my skin color. i love black. thats what im wearing right now and i like it.
• India
7 May 07
hey dat sounds cool...everything around you is in your fav color....i think if you wear it also you will look lovely....
@Ashgun (472)
7 May 07
My favourite color is back! I love to wear black... Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, power and prestigious color. it contrasts well with bright colors.... Combined with red or orange – other very powerful colors – black gives a very aggressive color scheme. A black suit or dress can make you look thinner.
• India
7 May 07
black is elegant and powerful.....I am wearing Red n black combination today..:-)
@ikinta (1238)
• Indonesia
17 May 07
I like almost all color. But I think I like red the most and I dont know the reason. It suits me. Maybe it just fits my character. I'm not really brave though or maybe I just want to be brave:P
• India
7 May 07
i like to wear black colour specially pant bcoz with black pant we can wear any shirt.
@Inky261 (2524)
• Germany
7 May 07
Blue is my favorite color. For clothes I like blue with white or grey or black. Blue reminds me of the sea and the sky and holidays. I even painted some of the walls in my house blue. It is a very calming color, it it good for the mind.