Spiderman 3

May 7, 2007 4:48am CST
Spiderman 3 has turned out to be a big success! It made more money in it's first weekend than any movie in history! Do you think we can expect further Spiderman movies? I think there probably be a lot more movies because of Spiderman 3's success! I havn't seen Spiderman 3 yet but I'm going to see it next week! Is it really as good as movies 1 and 2? What's your opinion???
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@MGjhaud (20866)
• Philippines
7 May 07
i think it's really a hit and a great movie. though it's doesnt belong to my genre of movies i like. but here in my city, one of the mall has spiderman 3 showing on all of its cinemas. wow.. and the premier ticket is worth P200. that's 2-3 other movies to watch. ive never seen it yet and some of my friends who had already told me that it's good. soon ill watch it.
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@manvik (940)
• Hungary
7 May 07
i also have not seen the movie.I have read that it has made some box office record in terms of earnings.I watched the previous two spiderman series and I enjoyed it a lot.Hope there will be more spiderman movies in the future.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
8 Aug 10
I am big fan of spiderman and i simply like the series.
@xitami (58)
8 May 07
Just came back from cinema after watched Spiderman 3. it was worthy to watching it. go and see.
@ikinta (1238)
• Indonesia
8 May 07
But to be honest, I don't really satisfied with the movie. I think it could be a darker movie. and too much story lines.
@usaction (651)
• United States
7 May 07
Before I comment, I must say that there are some *MINOR SPOILERS!* However, if you've read (such as on Wikipedia), this won't be too much of a spoiler. There were a few disappointments. As many know, Gwen and Peter dated for a while. For a time, MJ and Harry dated. This sorta happened, but not really. I would have liked to have seen them explore this more, maybe even have the movie ending with Pete and Gwen instead of Pete and MJ like the previous 2. Also, with what happened in the movie, if they bring a 4, I'm not sure how they plan on killing both Capt. Stacy and Gwen... Also, I's reading in one of the magazines that in this movie, Brock is meant to be a sort of "dark version" of Peter. Sorry, but that just doesn't work. In the main line and in Ultimate, Brock is a big, buff guy. Now while this guy does a good role, he just lacks the Brock look. The scenes with Harry on the glider are indeed cool; if what you've seen in trailers impressed you, you'll love this. The only minor issue is he doesn't wear anything like a goblin mask, but what he does wear opens and closes in a real sci-fi like manner, so is ok.