I Love my Motherland

May 7, 2007 5:01am CST
I live in bali. it is a small island but very beautiful and a lot of people said bali is a paradise of world. then it is located in indonesia. It is one of provinces in Indonesia. My motherland always make me proud because it has a lot of unique and mystery. bali also very famous in the world. because here u can find a lot of interest destination area. wherever you are now and whoever are you if you dont spend your holiday here you will regret. it is because bali is paradiise island and bali is the great place to spend our time. Bali also has a unique and beautiful nature and culture. and all of the community is very friendly people. i also guaranteed that you never find a great place like bali. So with is i really love Bali. beside that, I also proud with the beach and white sand, also a calm place that make u back to your true life. so would u come to Bali?
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