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me! - this was me..
@triage (65)
May 7, 2007 8:38am CST
Just wanted to share this with you, I was browsing my photo albums while I was cleaning my room and found a very very cute picture of me, this was taken when I was in prep..this was about 20 years ago... I was about to throw it but my mom said that these the the photos I need to keep because this shows a lot about how I have changed and grown.. Do you also keep these photos? Is it not a little embarassing?
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14 May 07
i like keeping old pictures i guess somehow you will be able to see the difference in your looks to be more concrete on what you have changed to make you look more sophisticated or a little different from your old self.a trimmed brows perhaps or adding a few cosmetics to make you look a bit better i should say going to work to a date.somehow it make you feel good about yourself when you have done something different.Going back to old pictures just dont bring your old photo albums with you during a family gathering because memories might stir some embarrassing moments for some.Or dont attempt to open 20 years old photos in your cousins house but if you want to have some laugh then be ready to share that enthusiasm when you start commenting on how you each look and each one is trying to outwit each other as both are blushing for some momments you want to forget especially the most unavoidable embarrasing moments