You like Ally's World?

Hong Kong
May 7, 2007 9:00am CST
I really like this show because every episode gives insights. The emotions and society were described in do much depth. The authur was very observant. The show gives you fun as well as touching moments. The dominant character - Ally, a woman with a successful career and lonely heart. I think Cage & Fish is an ideal workplace. The colleagues are interesting with distinctive personalities. Try to imagine, how good it would be to have a drink at the bar right downstairs with all those funny people. I wish i'd have a life like that, how about you?
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• Hong Kong
9 May 07
Yes, I like Ally's world, and I like this show very much. As far as I remember, this is the very first show which has each of its characters written with a very obvious personality defect or shortcoming, and the very first time that the main character is not the super-sweet or the perfect one. Even though Ally is surrounded by a group of people with different problems (that she also has a real big problem herself), they make a really interesting group, and form a really great law firm, which makes Ally's world so funny. I believe it would be great to be in Ally's world just because no matter what hard time or difficult situation you faced during the day, there's always something touching ahead at the end of the day.
• Hong Kong
8 May 07
I definitely love Ally's world. She has a good bunch of fun and caring friends even though her love life doesn't seem very smooth. I agree totally that Cage & Fish is an ideal workplace, less politics and people are friends and caring for each other. Also, they know how to have fun. They work on weird cases and then would celebrate different events in the bar, it's just so cool and I doubt this in real life because I don't think there would be any boss like John and Richard. I really did enjoy the show too, they make me think deeper and I love all the characters in the show, they are just very unique.
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• Philippines
8 May 07
I really love Ally McBeal and I have followed the TV series for a long time. I love the characters and their personal quirks. They are all so funny and I always had a very loud and good laugh with it. I has lots of lessons and some heart wrenching scenes. I am planning to buy the DVD collection of all their episodes so that I get to watch them when I need an inspiration and a good laugh.