Do you like Pineapple?

@FOUZAN_1 (331)
May 7, 2007 10:18am CST
Why do you like it? Do you anything about Pineapple that makes it a healthful fruit to eat?
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• United States
27 May 07
Yes I like them so much I grow my own in a greenhouse they take about 6 months to grow and they taste like candy when you eat them they are so sweet when they are allowed to get ripe on the plant there is no tart taste at all and if you juice them mmmmmm thats so good!
@FAHAD_1 (53)
• Pakistan
24 May 07
Well i don't really like pineapple that much! But i do like some other fruits also!
@jogie_bien (1103)
• Philippines
22 May 07
yes i like pineapple very much, its good for body and more vitamin you can get of it.
@aweins (4203)
• India
21 May 07
Pineapple is a very good fruit and i like it a lot. i make different different type of things to eat it, like smoothie, juice, punch, fry, BBQ, serve on crushed ice with something, i love it. Pineapple juice can be used as a marinade ofr meat. it can also be used to enhance digestion. but despite this fresh pineapple may cause irritation of the tip of the tongue in some cases, as i know. Ot is a very good source of manganese, as well as containing significant amounts of vitamin C, and Vitamin B too. pineapples should not be stored in refrigerators. they are chill sensitive like bananas.
@Sherry12 (2475)
• United States
7 May 07
Pineapples are my very favorite fruit. I especially like them when they are fresh cut. I'm not sure exactly what vitamins they have, but I'm sure all fruit is good for you. At least, it is much better then snack foods.
@coolhunkz (360)
• Philippines
7 May 07
i love pineapples!i agree it is really healthful to eat pineapple!
@dasman (262)
• Australia
7 May 07
i love pineapple cos of its sweet flavour and juice and the fact that it can make a great topping of many foods. its filled with plenty of vitamin c so thats one reason why it is so healthy for you
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
7 May 07
I love fresh pinapple. It is so sweet and juicy. Fruits contain alot of vitamins they are very good for you. The best pineapple I evedr had was on the beach in Hawaii.