Big tummy!

@kitikatz (191)
May 7, 2007 10:39am CST
What exercises can you recommend to help flatten my tummy?
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• Philippines
9 May 07
Its kinda complicated when there are sayings that goes around "the best way to a man's heart is thru the stomach", now don't complain big tummied men, it's you fault. Anyway, on a serious note, the abdomen part is one of the most hardest to develop conciously but one that can be passively worked out. It's just a question of what physical lifestyle you have, the more active you are on physical sport activities, doesnt have to be on a gym, the easier its tends to develop naturally & of course the kind of foods you take in especially after our the teeny years. I used to do kickboxing during my teen years & other various sports activities, & oh boy what a figure a had then, not muscle bound, but fit & hard enough. Now its really kinda an ordeal to do any physical activity, especially after work, its really draining. I have to find ways to be motivated physically again.
@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
7 May 07
Mini sit ups work best. It's where you only go half way. Be careful they are more powerful then the regular ones and whew your muscles will feel it the next day. Also it is good to invest in a ab cruncher exercise equipment. Well I hope it works for you good luck.
@anetteh (3591)
• Sweden
7 May 07
Well, you can do the same thing I do. Take 1 hour of walk two times a week. Take a ride on your bike atleast for 30 min a day. change the way you eat. I eat every third ours. In one year I lost 12 swedish kilos. I may not seems so much but I work ahead. I want to lose and flatten my tummy and stay that way when I´m done.
@misstree (241)
• United States
7 May 07
Sit ups always do the trick! Or twists work too. Greets!