Two cans

@fdwjay (340)
May 7, 2007 11:16am CST
Today i read an article from a newspaper , where i was informed of a way to solve psychological problems . The writer , a woman who divorced with her husband when their baby girl was four, told us that she had two cans ,one named Happiness and the other Sadness . When meeting a good thing , she will get it down in a piece of paper and throw it in Happiness ; when meeting a bad one , she will throw a paper with it in Sadness . To do so , the good were saved together , while the bad were threw into a can . Once a week she read them in Happiness from top to bottom to share that feeling named happiness. However, to Sadness, she will get all out to throw them afar and erase them from the mind forever. To do so, the good got more and more, but the bad got fewer and fewer. Happiness and sadness lived with us. To deal with the relationship with the two well or not, decided that you will be happy or sad. Will you live with happiness ? Have you prepared the two cans of your own ?
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7 May 07
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