A Funny story about how much i love my honey.

@Abbyey (760)
May 7, 2007 3:30pm CST
Since i was so proud of my honey and i lvoe him so much. My previous password in my laptop was "I love (his name)" it was mysecret password since no one else is allowed to use my laptop. There was one time when my brother asked me if he can borrow my laptop and i said its was ok. I was very far from him when he screamed at me "Whats's your password?" without thinking the distance and the people who might hear me. I screamed as loud as i can "I LOVE (His Name)". After screaming, my brother stared at me and i can see in his eyes he was holding his LAUGHTER and a few seconds after he did laugh. Thats how much i love my honey i told him. I'm willing to SCREAM it out loud even at times it seems Corny to strangers or to others. Its was ok with me. Have you done anything similar before? Do you have a funny story about your love for your honey?
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7 May 07
That is really cute. It's really not something that I have done but my husband before we were even married and just living together. We were at a friends house and all of his friends were sitting there saying how he can never go out with them anymore because I tell him no and I was like wait a minute what are you talking about. It turns out that whenever his friends would ask him to go out with him he would say I will have to check with her but I had never heard anything about it and then they would call he would just ignore their call. It kind of made me feel special because before we moved in together I told him I would have to be a priority and that right there proved to me he did.