GH......Spoilers For May 7th

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May 7, 2007 6:53pm CST
Monday, May 7-Jason watches as Kelly and Epiphany struggle to save Elizabeth and her baby; Sonny recognizes Kate from his past. Jason feels the burden of the whopper he's keeping and struggles with the decision to stay silent. 7 Jason stands by helplessly as he observes hospital staff (Kelly, Epiphany) work frantically to keep both mother (Liz) and baby alive. Sonny spots a familiar face from the past (nuwoman, Megan Ward) Lucky finally arrives at the hospital. Cooper spots Craig. -Tuesday, May 8-Lucky's family supports him as Elizabeth needs emergency surgery; Jason admits to Spinelli that he's conflicted over what to do about Elizabeth's baby; Jane prevents Carly from seeing Craig. Mr. Craig has ominous plans for Em. "He does love causing trouble," laughs SR of his alter ego. Liz must undergo emergency surgery, Lucky gets support from his family as he awaits the outcome. Carly almost sees Craig but Lady Jane runs interference. Jane will tell Jax and Carly that Jerry was there but had to leave, and that he will be back. Spinelli listens as Jason confesses his inner conflict. Amelia and Sam do some bonding. -Wednesday, May 9-Elizabeth' s health declines; Rick confronts Jason about the time he's spending with Elizabeth. Jason holds vigil over Liz, arousing Ric's curiousity. Liz begins to awaken and sees Jason holding her baby -Thursday, May 10- Sam's secret is exposed. Emily, Nikolas, Robin and Patrick are still under Craig's thumb. Lucky interrupts a potential moment between Jason and Liz. Sam's secret is about to be exposed. The foursome decide to have Em move in with Patrick. Lucky remains in denial about the seriousness of Elizabeth's condition. Jason is faced with a tough decision regarding his son. -Friday, May 11- The baby is still without a name. Lucky and Sam are on the brink of having their worlds turned upside down. Lucky and Sam learn the truth. Sonny learns some concerning news. Craig gives Emily some hard truths. Lady Jane knows that Craig is Jerry. Jax asks his mother to arrange a meeting between him and Jerry. Various Additional Spoilers -Jason struggles with thoughts of laying claim to his child. -Craig has nasty plans in store for Emily. -Alcazar confronts Skye over her betrayal. -Sonny recognizes Kate from his past. -Jason confides his fears and conflicted emotions about the baby to Spinelli. -Mr. Craig has ominous plans for Emily. -Jason feels the burden of the secret he's keeping. -Sam learns some unsettling news. -Does Liz get hurt/go into a coma? Does Lucky fight for custody? I don't know. But Sam's scenes for the 11th are with Amelia, Sonny and Liz, so I doubt Liz is in a coma. -Emily is forced to go on a business trip with Craig without Nikolas knowing about it. -Sonny's friend's name is "Connie Falconeri" aka Kate Howard. She and Sonny had a teen romance together. Sonny questions why she left him after they had plans to run off together. -Spinelli helps Jason be closer to his son by installing a webcam in the bassinet in the hospital nursery. -Lulu pleads with Jason not to tell the truth about the baby's paternity. -Lucky's family shows their support as Elizabeth undergoes emergency surgery. -Jason is confronted by Ric about the time he is spending with Elizabeth. -Skye tries to make a deal with Sonny. -Elizabeth's condition worsens and Jason struggles with coming forward as the baby's father if Elizabeth doesn't make it. -Kate walks in on Sonny and Amelia in a compromising position -Jason wrestles with the idea of claiming his son as his own -Keeping secrets begins to take it's toll on the residents of PC. -Amelia begins to have some second thoughts about her plans for Sam. A phone call will change her mind. -Nikolas fears Craig's intentions towards Emily involve a toxin; -Patrick rushes to prevent Robin from walking into Craig's trap. -Craig wants Em to pretend to be Patrick's new girlfriend. -Sam learns someone has been digging into her past. -Spin prevents Sam from telling the truth about her past to Jason. -Lorenzo overhears Lulu and Spin discussing Liz's baby. -Alan's presence is felt around GH as the battle for Chief of Staff revs up.
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