how do you celebrate your anniversary of marriage?

@lovesu (143)
May 7, 2007 10:17pm CST
it is almost one year since i got marry ,and i want to celebrate with my wife ,do you have any good advice?
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@Madona1 (2099)
• Gibraltar
9 May 07
For our last year and this year's anniversary, we went to a spa to celebrate as we thought that is the most relaxing and exclusive place to spend the time together. After the spa, we went for a big meal that we both really enjoyed. I think next year we may carry on doing the same thing unless there is something new comes up our mind.
• United States
8 May 07
Congratulations! Next month will be 5 years for me. On my first wedding anniversary my husband and I went to a romantic dinner, then a movie. Sometimes it's good to do somethng that reminds you of the first time you both met, maybe recreate your first date. Congratulations once again and I hope all works out well for you.
• Indonesia
8 May 07
so do we, i have celebrate our marriage on May 7th 2007, if we don't have enough budget just follow my tips as i done yesterday, when we have done celebrate of my marriage. 1. Go to Cake Shop and buy a nice Black Forest (i bought only $ 0.5 although it was cheap but so nice) don't forget also buy a chocolate. 2. Go home and act like there nothing special today. 3. If you have a promise with your client, meet him/her 4. Go home when the time is your wife sleeping time. (I'm sure your wife will disappointed to you because you have forget your marriage anniversary) 5. And prepare for the surpise don't forget to put a few of litle candle surround the cake. 6. Wake your wife up and invite her to another room that you have put the surpise. 7. When she sees the surprise kiss her forehead and say i love you honey, you're the most beautiful in the world and i love you forever 'till the end of time. I'm sure this surprise will touch the heart of your wife, Good luck
@castleghost (1304)
• United States
8 May 07
For one of our annivesaries I renacted our first date.I brought home flowers for her and asked her to get ready to go out that I had a surprise for her. We drove to the first restaurant that we ever ate together at. Once we were done with dinner I took her to see a movie. After the movie we went for a nice long drive.
@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
8 May 07
I think any woman would love their husband to cook a special meal, just for the 2 of you, with flowes & candles on the table, then a nice snuggle on the couch with a soppy movie sounds pretty good! I'm not big on going out coz i'm more of a homebody but that does sound like a nice idea. If you're wife likes to go out, perhaps a nice resturaunt with a fun show afterwards could be the way to go!