Monday Is Favored Day for British Suicides

May 7, 2007 10:28pm CST
Britons are more likely to commit suicide on Monday than any other day of the week, researchers said. This is due not only to the "Monday morning blues" associated with a return to work but, more generally, to a sense of unease related to the start of something new, they said. The office for National Statistics(ONS) collated evindence from nearly 35,000 suicide cases betreen 1993 and 2002. "The most common day of death was Monday for both males and famales," they said. "This 'Monday effect' for suicide and all categories of marital status." Previous studies have suggested that the Monday effect is ralated to work, but the ONS noted it was also apparent in Britons aged over 75, most of whom do not work."(This is) consistent with the theory that the day of the week pattern in suicides is ralated to the effect of a new beginning, rather than employment-ralated," they said. While Monday was usually the bleakest day of the week, the ONS found that the worst day for suicides in the 9-year period was January 1, 2000- a Saturday.
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