Nursing Theories: Henderson vs. Abdellah

May 8, 2007 2:11am CST
first of all, thanks for support guys. people who respond my first discussed topic here (NCM 100). but i need your help guys. we're gonna report bout nursing thories, i was excited then but other groups have chosen newscasting for their concept so i have no choice but to choose DEBATE! T_T can you pls help me? i dunno wat to do.. as i have researched, i found out that henderson's theory focuses about nature of nursing, its purpose is to assist client in gaining independence as rapidly as possible. it involves 14 components of nursing care unaided. "while" faye glenn abdellah's theory focuses on patient-centered approaches to nursing and its purpose is to deliver nursing care for the whole individual. OMG, as i have seen it, they're both positive so i cant think of something to debate on. pls pls help me... our report is presented this thursday and i can't begin working on our script! T_T thanks in advance...
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8 May 07
Soory, got no idea about this... Anyway, study hard.