Why is there not a single contemporary historical mention of jesus..?

Jesus.. - Jesus...who has Rosen from the dead
@cuteboy (170)
May 8, 2007 3:19am CST
....Not one...not by the romans..not by the jews..zero..all accounts of jesus were written after his death. There are lots of records about other events that were happening at the time...there were accounts of Gaius Sulpicius Galba becoming consul and how roman law replaced celtic custom is Gaul. In the year 33AD,there are detailed accounts of financial crisis in Rome,due to due to poorly chosen fiscal policies.Land values plummeted,and credit is increased.These actions lead to lack of crash, a crisis of confidence and much land speculation.THe primary victims are senators,wealthy,and knights.Many aristocratic families are ruined.This is all well documented,but nothing a man rising from the dead. Why is this?Surely there would many many accounts of man,who performed miracles,rose people from the dead,and rose from the dead himself... Surely the romans who kept meticulous records would have documented in detail these events....
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