I am so sad... =(

@huilee (1010)
May 8, 2007 5:27am CST
I have been keeping hamsters as my pets for the past year... My boyfriend bought them as gifts for me... My mum is scare of hamsters and thus i cannot keep them in the house... So, my very nice boyfriend offer to let me keep them in his house... Initially i only had 2 hamsters, but after the continuous giving bath, i now have 17 hamsters... (Some died after their birth, i gave 2 away...) Now, the hamsters have grown up, more familiar with people... They dun reli bite... Unless they got frightened... But... My boyfriend's parents find it smelly and feel that we should sell it away... Haiz... After discussion with my boyfriend, i decided that we should keep some and give some away... As i personally feel that selling the pets away to pet shops, i wun be ensure that my hamsters are well taken care of... Now that my boyfriend's friends and my friends are willing to adopt them... Yet, i feel sad... I have to give away 8... Which is like half of the clan... Im pretty sad... Jus need to rattle off my thoughts...
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
8 May 07
You're even lucky because there are friends who will take good care of your hamsters. . You can visit your pets whenever you can, can't you? I guess that's a win-win deal since your boyfriend's parents don't want them around; you win some, you lose some?
@huilee (1010)
• Singapore
8 May 07
yah, i guess im lucky i have nice and good friends around me... but i guess its just like having part of ur family to others... guess its just too sentimental to talk about it... besides... i see those little hamsters from birth till now... but of coz i hope they will be well taken care of... since they are so nice to adopt my hamsters, bet they will take good care of them too...