what do u feel when your exam become bad?

@kbbmgr (17)
May 8, 2007 6:03am CST
Today I face exam of my course. This exam become become worst even I prepared well for the exam. I became very sad about happening this.. and feeling bored... What do you feel when you have same problem?? any idea about doing well in exam...???
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• Malaysia
11 May 07
Hahaha... i hate exams. The most important thing to be done is concentrating in class. If u can understand in class, what u need later is revision and memorize... so save some time here. Try to catch what important and not in every note u take in class so u will know what chapter to put more effort. My way is simple. I don't think too much about the exam after it is over. Just wait for the result and fix what is wrong rather than cry and feel dissapointed. What done is done.. nothing can reverse them back. So instead of crying and feel down why don't u move on and fix things... there must be something u lack of.. that is why your result was not like what u expected. So, try to relax and find out what's wrong and fix things. Don't give up... the journey is just begin.. Good Luck!!
@kbbmgr (17)
• Nepal
14 May 07
thanks for response.. I am really encourage by reading your advice in this response. thanks again. I really impressed with your opinion.
@eipril (401)
• Philippines
10 May 07
when my exam results is not good ,,i'm encouraging to study more ..especially when i have a classmates that has a good results ,.i'll do my best to get high grades next time .,