Hunting a Ghost outside!! Ghost Hunting Series - 3

May 8, 2007 8:33am CST
So guys we are learnt basics of hunting ghosts or about taking their photographs. In this series - 3 we are gonna discuss about hunting them outside. This is not just roaming around but to actually help peoples to be more familiar with them. Here are certain tips. 1. Remember the basic - Don't be alone + Pray of protection. 2. Ur equipments r fully charged, keep extra batteries if possible. 3. Take a trip in daytime of the site. So that you are aware of common hindrances. 4. Again give respect to the spirits. 5. No hassle - No Hurry & it is better to work in team or groups. 6. Be Sci-Fi - take care of weather conditions & do keep notebook to write every info during the course. 7. Don't fear otherwise they won't come near to you. An evil spirit can be just opposite to the good spirit. 8. Always remember they r dead and they can't make any harm to u. 9. Carry, ustand and be familiar with your gadgets i.e. the EMF meters. 10. Whenever you feel being afraid, remember the god and be powerful. So, those were few of the points, pls do get back to me in case you have anything to say on this. Pls discuss this and make it the biggest series ever. Thanks - Manjeet S Rana +91-9871717334
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• China
8 May 07
I don't think American scary moives are scary.Nevertheless,scary moives from China,Japan,South Koren are very very scary that i almost dare not watch them.You'd better make a try yourself.Hehe.