May 8, 2007 8:42am CST
how do you say goodbye to the one you really love?! and how do you move-on to after that break-ups??
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• Malaysia
8 May 07
if u saying good bye to the ONE U REALLY LOVE, it's sure is hard, as it wud break u down very hard.. U will hard having time to 4get him, as U will always remember him in your mind.. For me, I jus Said "I hate U" and continue wid my life with the other boy.. Haha.. Sound easy?
• United States
8 May 07
If you really love this person, then why say goodbye? Once you find love, hold on to it! Life is short so cherish love if you have it.
@swatig (1187)
• India
8 May 07
If you really love someone, there is no word of bye n bye. ive received bye-bye in 2004 bt til nw im still in love wth her, althrough ive make new friends thereafter also but not forget til nw nor i dare to suppose to do same.
• India
8 May 07
There nothing like goodbye when it comes to relationships coz if you meet that person again won't you respond to his/her greetings if yes then it never had been a real goodbye...... So in my dictionary GOOBYE doesn't exist
@youless (97408)
• Guangzhou, China
8 May 07
I will say to him sadly: You can find a better girl than me. Take good care of yourself and bye... After that, I will be very sad for a long time. And try to forget the unhappy things and mend my broken heart by myself. It's really not easy, sad to say.
@gelaware (116)
• United Arab Emirates
8 May 07
Just say bye bye my love because im moving on.HEHEHE! Nice meeting you cheisentie.
@amgine (226)
• Philippines
8 May 07
im not sure if theres really a proper way to say goodbye. i guess you just have to thank that person for being a part of your life, no more blaming or fault finding. as for moving on, try to give urself time to mourn the loss of the relationship. then slowly start ur life again without that person. you might want to try a new sports, hobby, or visit new places - somewhere you find a memory of your ex. meet new people and try to really keep yourself busy.