How about those Detroit Pistons....

United States
May 8, 2007 9:14am CST
After crushing the Bulls last night.They now have 2-0 lead in the second round of the play-offs. Can anybody in the Eastern Conference stop them? I hope the answer is NO.
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• Philippines
8 May 07
Your question: Can anybody in the Eastern Conference stop them? The answer is a BIG YES!! I'm a Pistons fan to, but there are teams who can actually stop Pistons. Remember how San Antonio stop them before?? They stole the crown out of the motor city. San Antonio is better than ever. You cant also put aside Nash and company, with Stoudemire healthy, and some additional players they are pretty scary team too. And another team, the team responsible for the biggest upset in NBA. The underdogs, the Golden State Warriors. You cant go easy on them. The coach is good, the players are good, explosive and athletic and the confidence they have after beating the No.1 team in the League, the Dallas Mavericks. Pistons is a Great team, the team work, the defense and the way they run the offense, its a well balance ball club. The best asset they have is not the talent, because if we speak of talent, there are a lot of better player in the league, its the experience, the maturity and respect for the game that give them the edge over other team. Its now up to them, the coach and the players to continue their enormous energy on playing basketball to beat other teams and win that Larry O'brien trophy.
• United States
8 May 07
I agree that those teams are good but they are from the Western Conference...My question was can anyone from the East stop the Pistons before they meet up for the finals against the West.
@KrisNY (7591)
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1 Jun 07
Uh-oh... I think you were counting your chickens before the hatched- so to speak- I am hoping that the Cavs upset them- Game 6 in Cleveland.. Cavs up 3 to 2- Wouldn't it be a great upset- Up to lose the next 4- Cleveland has to produce a good team- they sure don't in football!