what would happen if water on earth runs out?

May 8, 2007 9:52am CST
Could you imagine your life without water even a single day if you can'y then you should spare a thought on what's going to happen if every single drop of water on earth runs out.
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@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
16 May 07
That would be very scary if the earth ran out of water as we would not be able to survive without it. We need water to drink, shower, water plants with, making other products and other uses. It would be a terrible thing if it happened but it will not happen. The earth is too big so there is plenty of water to go around. Some places may need to have water imported from other places or find another way to get water.
• Canada
8 May 07
The thought of running out of water is a very scary thought . Without water we would not be able to survive . We need water for survival as the body cannot live without it . Without water one would not be able to grow anything which would lead to starvation and many diseases . Hopefully running out of water completely will never be a problem as it rains and we could always get water like this but in the case of a drought that lasted for a long period of time would bring about many changes with the way we waste water in our everyday lives without giving it much thought .
8 May 07
if water ran out on earth we could be drinking each others blood as a form of liquid or they mix some chemicals together to make a water subsitute and thats drinkable that could be something that they would do