Heart Song

@fdwjay (340)
May 8, 2007 10:18am CST
Once upon a time there was a great man who married the woman of his dreams. With their love,they created a little girl.She was a bright and cheerful little girl and the man loved her very much. When she was very little,he would pick up her up,hum a tune and dance with her around the room,and he would tell her,"I love you,little girl." When the little girl was growing up,the man would hug her and tell her:"I love you,little girl."The little girl would pout and say:"I'm not a little girl anymore."Then the man would laugh and say:"But to me,you'll always be my little girl." The little girl who-was-not-little-anymore left her home and went into the world.As she learned more about herself,she learned more about the man.she saw that he truly was great and strong,for now she recognized his strengths.One of his strengths was his ability to express his love to his family. It didn't matter where she went in the world,the man would call her and say,"I love you,little girl."
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