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@fdwjay (340)
May 8, 2007 10:25am CST
Did anyone watch this American TV series PRISON BREAK? It's impressive, not only of the amasing symmetric beauty of the leading actor, but also the attractive plot. The dramatic conflicts are aroused mostly by: Leimotif No.1; "trust means zero inside this wall" . Not everyone are put into prison by the same reason as our hero does. Mob boss, thugs, rapist...are just like monsters inside the wardrobes. Our hero tries not to touch any of them but since he must conduct his Project Prison_Break_2006, he has no choice sometime. To make things worse, the nemesis No.1 turn out to be the prison guard boss who has supreme power on them! Leitmotif No.2: "I am here to get you out". Now talking about our hero's project itself. It's about how to rescue his bro from the execution, i.e. how to break out from the prison. Episode 1 recalls some fragments that our hero's doing research before he tosses himself into the prison, from the blueprints of the jail to recipes of metal-rusting chemical. Looking at his project information tree is really overwhelming. Power of logic reasoning, ability to work into detail, that's the key to be sucessful on whatever kinds of jobs. But, preparations couldn't take them directly to end-point because human are an predictable factor in this project. As putted "prepararations can only take you so far, after that you have to take some leaves of faith." OK, that's it. Hope there's someone watched it and to have more to discuss!
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@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
8 May 07
I absolutely love it, Michael's blueprints indeed are overwhelming but we should not forget that of course it's all pretty much fake, but if it would be for real the guy had a great imagination on how he converted it into his body covering tattoo. A definite masterpiece if you ask me.