United States
May 8, 2007 11:22am CST
We must have been out of our minds when we were young. We lived in South Dakota at the time. I remember standing outside and watching the fingers coming down out to fthe clouds and then retreating back into them. I know we saw over twenty of them. None of them became full blown tornados, but any of them could have. After seeing the tremendous destruction that occurred in Kansas this week, I've decide that we should have been cowering in the basement for saftey. But, what did we know? We thought it was interesting to watch.
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@jeanena (1620)
• Bucklin, Kansas
12 May 07
Sometimes cowering in the basement isnt even enough.So many people in Kansas (Greensburg) can tell you that . A wing of the hospital collapsed into the basement where they were sheltering people from the Tornado. Thank Heavens the ones there all made it out okay. And I do the same as you did , I dont think I wever will again knowing what happened to my house i lived in there.
• United States
17 May 07
It's tough to think about what could happen. Now I guess we just send our prayers out to those in need.
• Netherlands
18 May 07
I can imagine when you saw those kinda amazing and scary (when you think of what it can do) nature fenomenal that THANK GOD didn't happen everyday... you'd be watching instead of hiding (not to mention the distance you and the tornados) some even have it on tape. I'd probably do the same....well, my friend just be careful next time....don't let it too close to you....