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May 8, 2007 11:46am CST
I often have recurring dreams. The most common dreams that I have are those where I'm falling and those where I can breathe underwater. The dream that still haunts me to this day is the one where I jumped off of a cliff, and I actually hit the bottom. But, it was as if the hand of God caught me, and gently set me down, instead of gravity taking it's toll. I've looked up the meanings of both of them, and they both signify insecurity. If I dream that I can breathe underwater, I'm seeking security - going back to my mom's womb. If I dream that I'm falling, subconsciously, I feel that my life is unstable and insecure, and I'm looking for a way out. What about you? Do you have any recurring dreams? If so, feel free to share them. I will look up their meanings and respond to you.
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8 May 07
I think that dreams have some symbols which are widely accepted by the society we live in, but most dream symbols are very personal. If I had a dream about being able to breath under water, I'd think it meant that I have a gift for being able to survive when I'm "out of my element" (air). This is a good thing! You may have the ability to penetrate the "depths" of problems when others are "in over their heads"! As far as falling dreams -- how wonderful that God catches you before you hit bottom!! If that were my dream I'd take it as reassurance that even if I fall (fail), it won't be the end of everything. Truly I think you are being told that you are being watched over and will be helped no matter how scary life is! I'm not saying your sources are really wrong (although they seem a little Freudian to me), it's just that dreams have many layers and many messages for us -- especially the ones that recur. I think a lot of dreams recur when we don't figure out correctly what message they have for us. It's like the brain is saying, "OK, Let's go over this one more time!" JMHO & Pleasant dreams!