Do you or have you smoked near flammable material?

@sacmom (14315)
United States
May 8, 2007 11:54am CST
About 2 months ago, I had seen a man who while working was smoking right next to propane tanks. He was even pushing a cart load of them while smoking, though I don't know if these were empty or not. There are warnings on the tanks and the housing that holds the tanks, but he just kept puffing that cigarette. As my 6 year old and I passed him I complained loud enough for him to hear that he's going to blow up Wal-Mart up. Okay, so maybe he wouldn't blow up the building, but why would he want to smoke around something flammable in the first place? There was another time someone was smoking near something flammable, around the same time of the Wal-Mart incident. This time it was at a gas station. As I'm sure you have seen there are a lot of signs stating "No smoking" at gas stations. Well, a woman at the pump directly opposite me was smoking a cigarette around the gas pump. I could NOT keep my mouth shut and I laughed (sarcastically) a little as I told her she was going to blow herself up. I then preceded to tell her about a woman who caught herself and her car on fire, about 2 weeks before, from smoking while pumping gas. The lady I spoke to agreed she shouldn't smoke around the pump and apparently put it out as I didn't see her smoking it any more. With all the warnings that are posted NOT to smoke around flammable material, why do some people do it anyway? Have you done this/would you do this? I just don't understand it. :( I won't rate anyone negative. I just want your honest reply.
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@jbb316 (1779)
• United States
8 May 07
Well actually, I myself have not smoked around anything flammable just because I am too scared that I will blow something up. That would be just my luck. But a friend of mine smokes while pumping gas. If that is not crazy then I don't know what is. That is a sure way of starting a fire.
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@charms88 (7543)
• Philippines
8 May 07
I'm not smoking but I understand what you're saying. Some smokers can be ignorant about the danger of smoking near flammable thing. Everytime I had my car filled with gas, the attendant will immediately informed me to shut off the engine. There is NO SMOKING sign posted too. I do hope smokers will be more careful about choosing the place to smoke.