Shahrukh's biography chapter 2

May 8, 2007 1:11pm CST
Incidents And Accidents One important turning point in my life occured bcoz I was very bad in Hindi. I used to get 2 or 3 on 10 and always failed in this subject. Once, my mother told me tht if I got full marks in Hindi she would take me to see a Hindi film in the theatre. I had never been to a movie hall before. So I stayed up all night and studied my butt off and managed to get full marks and my mother took me to the theatre to see a Hindi film for the first time. 2 things happened bcoz of this incident. One, I became quite the Hindi pundit and later always did very well in Hindi. And secondly, I got the fell for Hindi films. My command over the language helps me immensely to essay my roles in films today. The moral of the story is, if ur mom tells u to study hard, do it. You may become a film star and ur education will help you one helluva lot. But if ur mother is insisting on anthropology or biochemistry or perhaps aromatic therapy, then ignore her. I remember sitting on the wall and blowing flying kisses to the school girls passing by. Once a girl came complaining to my dad but m father was sure tht it cudnt be me as I was too young. He made the girl wait to so tht she cud see me and realise tht it was the neighbour's son who was teasing her and not me. bt to my father's embarrasement I walked in without my pants on and on seeing the girl blew her a flying kiss and told my dad tht she was my sweetheart. This was the first and last girl I ever made a pass to.
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Well thats so nice and funny. Thanks for sharing this..i would like to get more informations.