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@KaraLee (460)
United States
May 8, 2007 1:28pm CST
I know there was a discussion started on what Angela Petrelli's power would be, but I thought I would start another one for any theory about heroes. I had made a guess that Angela Petrelli's power might be teleportation, but still waiting to see if that one comes true.... hopefully by seasons end we will know for sure. Last night I was also thinking that Linderman, has 'stolen' Micah, to get him to 'fix' the voting machines so that Nathan will win the election, and get into congress. I only thought of this because I read on a blog that supposedly one of Lindermans Corporations managed to get the contract from the state of new york to supply the voting machines for the election. So what theories do you have?
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• Philippines
9 May 07
I agree with the mind reader thing, or maybe she can see the future? Or the past. Like some kind of seer or something. Because she seems to know everything. She said something like, "I know even before you all did". Was that just because she too had powers? Or did MR. Petrelli the dad have them too? And how did she know about Claire? Even Nathan didn't know that and she is his daughter. I agree with you with the Micah theory. I didn't know about the voting machines so now that you mentioned it the Micah thing cleared up.
@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
8 May 07
I think Angela Petrelli's power is she is the key that turned on everyone else's powers. Someone had to do it, since they all started at about the same time, except Claire and her mother. And I think you are correct about Micah