What is the best way for Americans to discourage illegal immigration?

United States
May 8, 2007 2:39pm CST
This has been a huge problem of late, especially with the arrest of terrorists today in New Jersey - half of which were illegal immigrants. Just think of the horrors that could have occurred. I think the best ways for the average law-abiding citizen are: 1) Not patronizing businesses that hire illegals 2) Reporting illegals to the proper authorities 3) Pressuring Congress to get more serious about deportation, especially for felons. Do you have any additional ideas?
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• United States
10 May 07
Reporting won't do any good. ICE won't deport them. I could report 100 per day just driving the kids to school. The authorities don't need me to do their work. 4) freebies - no more free education. our schools are not even allowed to ask immigration status. alot of the parents can't speak English, so it's tough for the teachers. 5) eliminate anchor babies status. no more sneaking across to birth the baby on US soil to get auto citizenship for the kid. i would guess that 75% of the Hispanic kids in my sons school are anchor babies. our government won't separate the families, so their here to stay. 6) more freebies - once the anchor baby is born here they get all the benefits,so more babies, more benefits 7) more freebies - healthcare - I'm self-employed and our healthcare cost is unbelievable. Our agent told us outright that our area is higher because of the number of defaults on medical bills by the "immigrants". A nurse wrote into our paper about the "free clinic" (our major public hospital) and how they have the nerve to complain if they don't get waited on immediately and then she finds the financial committment documents in the garbage can by the door all the time. I can't even be seen with my child without proper insurance cards and a copay. 8) deport the criminals right away. they should not be treated like regular citizen criminals. so much as driving w/out a license (a common offense in my area, and you are going home. no insurance either i might add. no prole, probation, etc... 9) figure out a way to let some of them become legal. i don't dislike all illegals. i know quite a few and they are family oriented and honest. they work harder than any group of people i have ever seen. i think those people are an asset to our society.
@KissThis (3006)
• United States
9 May 07
In America if we would just quit giving people things for free. If you shut down these programs that hand everything over to these people for nothing then they won't want to be here. I believe that government programs that help people in need should be for the people who are here legally. Quit giving iilegals a free ride.
@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
8 May 07
I disagree, rather than making it only more strict they should loosen up on immigration policies, something which many more countries should do. This way offering people an easy way to immigrate legally and being able to work legally, live legally, be insured, etcetera. After all members of a nation are more easily to be traced, and asides from that if ID requests are put in place at certain points for everybody the people which would have decided to immigrate illegally still because they wouldn't want to be known to be in the state would get caught more easily.