Growing Pink Culture

May 8, 2007 2:44pm CST
i have this friend, at first look he's a normal guy, a typical one. but i was shocked to know that he's one of the member of the growing "PINK POWERRANGERS" or "Pink Culture" or "Culture of Pink" He's the one who told me who are comrades, i was shocked to found out some of the names he mentioned, i couldn't believe it. They were tagged as straight and not Bi's, some of them even got some reputation. I just cant believe that they are "GAYS". One thing that is wrong about them is they target who are newly dumped by a girl, who is very vulnerable at that kind of stage. and when they got what they want, the victim now becomes a new recruit, a new member of the "PINK CULTURE". Its just sad to know that they hide who they really are and pretend that they are this and that. this kind of people are very dangerous. are you aware of this?? or a you a member of the PINK CULTURE too?? or you know of somebody who is a a PINK POWER RANGER??
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@PunkyMcPunk (1477)
• Canada
8 May 07
I have no issues with gay people, guys or girls. If they want to be considered to have their own culture I think that maybe it is because other cultures are disguarding them as not good enough to be part of this or that. It is wrong. People are people. I don't care if you are guy, bi, straight, tri whatever. If you are nice, honest, funny, and don't hurt me we can be friends. I just wish that everyone could think liek this.
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