coolest top 5 monsters of the series

United States
May 8, 2007 5:06pm CST
IN the ff series there was a lot of freakin sweet monsters. My fav top 5 are gonna be 1. Tonberry 2. Blizzaro 3. Neo bahamut 4. Chaos king in ff3? 5. Altima
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@Kurokage (548)
• Albania
6 Jun 07
chocobo its a monster in FF X-II =p
27 May 07
i have played every single game of the ff collection, and man are there a lot to choose from!! lol well the best monster of all time in all the FF games would have to be: 1) Ruby Weapon from FF7 (the one thats under the sand around the the prison, u can only get to it via Chocobo, and very hard to defeat. 2) Weapon, the giant monster that attacks ur ship in FF7. 3) Sin from FFX, so many different times and places u gotta attack. 4) Semimour from FFX, again, so many times he keeps coming back. 5) and last but not least from FFX, the Ultimate Aeon, once u defeat all the dark Aeons, u will be faced with this creature!
10 May 07
1) Safer Sephiroth 2) Ultima weapon 3) The Turks 4) Sin 5) Tonberry