How to take care of your eyes? Particularly your vision.

@Abbyey (760)
May 8, 2007 6:27pm CST
I have glasses ever since and my vision is 4.5 (450) both eyes. While i was in my room, without my glasses i wonder how it get to the point that my vision became blurr. I realize the things i did when i was young which causes my eyes to weaken. 1. I watch TV sitting 1 feet away from the screen. In the old times TV have high radiations thats why my mom kept telling me to sit far from the TV, but i didnt obey. 2. I love to read books and when i really love what im reading i literally forget to blink. I read in a moving vehicle and i also read in the dark with a yellow lamp. I love to read lying down. - my mom said that it was all bad. The eye need to blink everynow and then. It should not read when you're moving. Its bad to read lying down or in the dark. Its not good to read under a yellow light but with WHITE lights. 3. I wash my face when i'm tired, just got home from work, just work up. This is also bad the face and eyes should rest for awhile before splashing cold water on it. 4. I do not exercise my eyes daily. Meaning to rotate the eyes by looking up right down left (in a circular motion). 5. I dont eat the right kind of food that helps vision to clear up. I hope you would not do what i did so that your vision will remain 20/20. Its hard to have glasses all the time. Even its Contact lens its still hard. To have laser i recently asked my friend about it and it cost 30k per eye a total of 60k, its expensive. hope you take care of your eyes my friends.
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