Post your high/low for May 8

United States
May 8, 2007 7:39pm CST
High: The weather was gorgeous! Low: I didn't eat very well today :(
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• Philippines
9 May 07
High: I've seen my old friends for a long time yesterday and we're so happy. And we had a lot of talk and one day is not enough, omg. But we will see each other soon again. Low: I left my one wallet in my room but still lucky coz i have my other wallet where all of my cards are there so i was able to withdraw some money. Have a nice day ahead from Francis.
• Canada
9 May 07
my high today is also about how great the weather was. my low is a low in one sense but a high in another. my 3 year old went to the eye doctor and found out she needs glasses. it's a high because she will see better but a low cause i don't want to hide that pretty little face and i don't want kids to make fun of her when she goes to school this fall.
@r4y_m4n (93)
• United States
9 May 07
weather was gorgeous? omg cali is HOT!! i think the radio said 100degrees...i wasn't sure High: didn't go to school Low; car tire poped, was late for school so went back home dad made me do arrons (or w/e how u spell it) IT WAS HOT!! didn't see any of my friends