feeling the way of my feelings

May 9, 2007 1:45am CST
feeling the way my feelings go, its hard to tame them. feeling happy for nothing being sad for nothing laughing when heart is burning crying out of some passion i'm an idiot i think i loved him with love which dissolved me oh! how were those days!! when all the cells of my body uttered his name when i cried for unknown reasons for an unknown person oh! how i felt when i realised the truth when i hid a sea of pain and deep anguish in my eyes.. but now too i cant forget my love how hard i try i sleep thinking about him i wake up dreaming him oh! why am i not cursing myself for making up all these fantasies? why even after knowing the truth i'm not ready to accept it?? all are questions and just quests which are bound to remain unanswered
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