Are you expecting to inherit your parents' property or money in the future?

May 9, 2007 3:12am CST
There are many news here that even siblings are fighting over the inheritance left by their parents. People would fight and even kill each other especially if a rather big amount of money is involved. How about you? DO you want or are you expecting to inherit your parents' property,estate, or money to you in the future? What if the will of your parents is not as you expected, would you fight for it?
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@wolves69 (756)
• United States
9 May 07
I'm an only child, so fighting with siblings is unknown to me. However, my Mom had that problem. Her older sister forced her to dis-inherit herself. My Mom did this to keep her sanity and she was tired of the fighting. I've taken the stance that I didn't earn the inheritance so what will be will be. If my parents wanted to give everything away to someone else, that's their right. If it goes to be it, and I'll honor their wishes.
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• Philippines
30 Aug 07
It was my husband who is on the exact situation, they are expecting a big amount of money from her mother. He was the unloved son because he is the illegitimate son. The last is still with his half brother. We are still in owe of what are the first steps to do. What if he wasnt included on the last will. Is he had the rights to pursue his rights on the court?