Cooking is difficult but necessary

@fdwjay (340)
May 9, 2007 3:23am CST
Chinese chefs are real genius compare to their peers all-over the world. They process a great variety of materials and know how to cook them in the best way! I didn't really care about cooking when I was living with my parents. Never tried to take a cooking course or to learn from parents. But after 8 years' all-on-my-own life, I feel so regretful about that. Because first of all, I am a chinese and get the most chances or best resources to learn; secondly, when you couldn't trust the food quality served in resturaunts, it do great help to keep you from starving! Though know little about cooking, I still want to prepare dinner for myself when free. Compromisingly, soup is a good choice without involving lots of cooking skills. Pork-rib soup is my favorite choice. Simmer pork ribs with fresh mushrooms, tomato or radish slices and some yam for flavor. Cook slowly to give the ingredients time to blend together. Add some salt when the pork scents good. Then in 2 more hours, a nice soup with lots of nutrition is ready to serve. I really enjoy it!
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