whom do you think is responsible for increasing global warming day-by-day

May 9, 2007 3:59am CST
global warming is one of the problems that the world is facing today.because of the increasing pollution through automobiles,factories,etc.,man is suffering .the only being responsible for this global warming is one and the only one man. because of his wrong actions he is suffering now.
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@smileydew (171)
• India
9 May 07
every human being is responsible for global warming because for his luxury life he go for cutting trees and make multi stored building and makes the green jungle to concrete jungle and there is no source for removal of carbon dioxide due to vanishing of trees and continuous rockets make the earth open its ozone layer to come radiation on to earth and day by increase pollution by factories as well wastes from all surrounding causes not only effect the humans but all also other living creatures ,but none think of global warming and the future generation with radiation effect and their health system,to solve this every house must have 4-5 trees and per road 50 -100 trees like that solve this problem matter of years every one do this