I'm getting sick of PTC's ..

May 9, 2007 4:14am CST
I've joined too many and now I'm getting a little fed up doing it but I'm still doing it .. like my grandma used to say "Always finish what you started" .. besides PTR, PTC's, PTS and earning for hits and signups and offers.. is there anything else out there that promises a payment? Please do NOT give me adbux referral links. Besides I think most of mylot users are already members of Adbux, Clicksense, Linkgrand etc .. If I'm not mistaken.. I'm just getting a little desperate. I'm not expecting to get rich off the internet, infact pennies will make me happy cause when they add up you get a pretty good sum. And plus my earnings all go to my son:) So type away your suggestions and remember to explain what I have to do to earn. And also please give me those that accept international members. I'm from Hong Kong and I know some sites refuse to accept members from China.
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