Sparing young Soccer Players the Agony of Defeat

May 9, 2007 4:25am CST
A British soccer league wants to spare children the pain of being trounced on the field and then having to read all about it afterward. The Sheffield and District Football League has forbidden its members from sending scores to the Derbyshire Times after the newspaper reported how an under-nine team was 'trounced" 29-0 in a crucial match. The league, believing this description could heap even more humiliation on children from the league matches until it agreed not to publish results in which the score exceeds 14goals. Derbyshire Times editor Mike wilson refused and thinks the league is overreacting. "The leahue is being concentrate on why some teams seem to be so hopelessly mismatched that they lose 29-0." Wendy McMahon, the mother of one of the league's players, has organized a petition against the loves to collect cuttings of all his match reports from the newspaper. He understands that winning isn't everything and that football involves taking the good with the bad."
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