How to Mass produce a betta strain

@nielcdg (709)
May 9, 2007 7:23am CST
To Those who are familiar with Bettas and how to breed them have you ever wanted to mass produce a rare breed? well here is a technique I developed when I was still in highschool making a few extra bucks breeding bettas. Step 1 Look for a breed you want to mass produce, for its color and its fin type I guess, then establish a trio of them 1 male to 2 females, "Make sure they are not siblings because inbred bettas look funky!" Step 2 Look for a more common breed and establish a pair of them. Make sure they have a totally different color from your trio. Then Breed the Pairs all in the same time, there is a technique on how to almost synchronize the breedings but thats for a later discussion. Then after breeding remove the nest of the pair you want to mass produce with a plastic spoon, be gentle okay, and place it with the other pair, in a sense making a surigate parent of the male of the other pair. This will allow the male and the female of the main breed free to be conditioned 3 days earlier. Usually conditioning for breeding takes 7 days plus you must feed them more. After 7 days breed the male again to the spare female of the same breed. And this time leave him to care for the young. With this method you can get 2 breedings for a male in less the time. When the fry are older you can sort which one is which in the fry of the surigate. repeat this method often and you will get more breedings for a breed in a shorter period and less effort for the male.
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