How do you view your job?

May 9, 2007 7:56am CST
I shall tell a story. One tourist was moving in and around the city and reached a place where the coustruction of a huge building was in progress. The tourist asked one worker " what are you doing here". He answered " The owner of this project told me to take all these sacks and place there. I do not know much about my work" He asked anther person and the reply was this " The owner of this place told me to pour water here and I am gettting payment. I do not know what is my actual worK" The tourist asked the same question to the third man. His reply was like this " The owner of this build has a dream. I am trying to complete his dream" What is your attitude about your work?
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• Sri Lanka
9 May 07
If some one's hobby is flying aeroplanes, and he gets a job as a pilot, then he is not working, but actually is indulging in his hobby and getting paid for it. I am an Accountant and I enjoy my work. My earlier dream was to be a pilot but it did not materialise. But since this discussion is about job attitude and 3 different workers, I will tell a story which I read long ago. A merchant in India had a Clerk and a Laborer working for him. The labourer always sees the clerk very much relaxed and cool throughout the day. But the laborer works hard and is running about the whole day. Anyway what the labourer did not understand is why the clerk is paid three times his salary. He was always lamenting about this to the merchant and the merchant says that he will explain why as soon as he gets a chance. After some time the merchant saw far in a main road a convoy of people with carts and horses passing by. He called the labourer and asked him from where they were coming. The laborer ran to them and came back and told the merchant that they were from Bombay. Then the merchant wanted to know where they were going and the labourer again went running and came back with details. This way the merchant one by one got to know that they were selling wheat and had 200 bags full selling at 1 oz of gold each. Then the merchant asked the labourer whether he was tired. The labourer enthusiastically said that unlike the clerk he was quite capable of doing hard work. The the merchant said that he wanted to see whether it is so and told the labourer to call the clerk. The labourer was happy knowing the slow and cool pace the clerk follows in his work and knew that the merchant will really see the difference now. So he called the clerk and the clerk came to the merchant. Just like from the labourer the merchant asked the clerk from where that convoy was coming. The clerk did not show any panic but walked very slowly towards the convoy and came back at the same speed. Then he told the merchant from where they came, where they are going, what they are selling, how many and how much including the whereabouts of the head of the convoy and the merchant did not have a second question left to ask. The the clerk slowly walked to his office and got about his business. The merchant smiled and looked at the labourer, "Of course you do more than three times the work that he is doing, you now know why you are more tired than the clerk."
• India
9 May 07
I liked the meaning of the story. Thank you