Nasty car

May 9, 2007 8:41am CST
Hi people.something funny happened to me yesterday.I was coming from school going home,in a small transport bus.we usually have roadblocks to remove defective vehicles from the road.As we were aproaching the roadblock,the driver stopped and told the conductor to disemberk and catch up with us later so as to avoid being stopped for overloading.The obediant conductor came out of the bus and started running ahead of us.We started off towards the road block.Then we slowed down just feet away from the traffic police.After a quick check they signaled the driver to continue.Then the bus died,right in front of the 50dollars if ur caught police.Everyone in the bus burst into laughter,we all looked so silly,even the policemen started laughing at us.Finally after some pushing the car ended up by the side of the road.We all got off and boarded another bus.And to think we had even been allowed to pass through.any interesting things happen to you guys Andre
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