By bus or by your own car to work?

@mari123 (1862)
May 9, 2007 10:25am CST
work in big cities is not an easy thing,higher pressure,quickly life many boring thing.let me talk about that terrible and crowd traffic first. all of us have to choose by bus or underground train,or drive your own car to go to work,and most of us are so boring for by bus,there are too many person and too crowd,don't expect to have a seat,even for an armest,and especially for that terrible smell.from above,we know it is so terrible to by bus,so somebodies plan to have their own car,but you know there is also some shortcoming for by your own car, first for the safety,with a sleeping to drive car is so dangerous,secondly you know drive car is too tired if you have ever drived it yourself,and the most important ,it is not so cheap to use a car,all kinds of fees to burden. on the other hand ,i heard that GOV is preparing to limit for private car in our country,you know,if every one have his own car,then our highway can not afford for that,and the gas can lead the temperature rising and pollute the air. by bus or by your own car to work? how do you think,can you list for their merit and shortcoming?
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