@fdwjay (340)
May 9, 2007 11:19am CST
what i can do ?what i should do?iyell to the sky,but there is no answer .cry~~!cry~!cry~!`~!when i heard that the score my "boss " told me is 59.i almost went to picee .the score of CET3 is 59.a crazy a English major,i fail to pass the it`1 don't you think i lost my face~1you may be surprised to my words~! i can told you my story~!in order to get some money to supply my life,i help a college student to take part in his CET3,if i success ,he give me 500yuan;but i failed.are you kidding,my god?i need that money.though i should not do that.because of my poor,i have no choice."if you are poor,that's not your fault;but you stop your step of your improvement,i can't agree with that."that's just my opinion.the cruel score almost killed myself.i don't want to do some bad thing,i just want to change the way of life.why do someone who can enjoy themselves easily without any efforts.but to me,it is almost impossible to get it.i can't understand what's the reason.why?why?why?
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@qoo_rie (428)
• Indonesia
9 May 07
whoa... so sad yeah i know that. some ppl can do anything everything without any effort, but we sometimes up n down when climbing that. hey r ur boss didn't cheat you? i mean perhaps he doesn't want to pay you that's why he don't give u the rite score. r u can do the test? i mean have u seen the paper or the proof of the result? well whatever happened, i guess you should understand, no pain no gain rite? keep holding on. there's a way when there's a will. don't give up pal :D you already do the best, n u can't change or turn back time rite?